Level 75-90
Z6 wildlands load
Central hub Wildland Sanctuary

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Far to the north is the Wildlands, a vast and desolate desert. Dry as a bone, it has never rained and can easily lead an adventurer to his death.
There is at least one oasis though, known as the Wildland Sanctuary. This stronghold is reportedly the original sanctuary for the Lupin Faction. Now it is a sparsely populated safepoint for those brave enough to venture into the sand.

Map and subregionsEdit


Wildlands map

Hall of ReincarnationBonewallBlackcloud DesertEmperor's Hill
Wildland SanctuaryForest of BurialsDragon Tail CrossingIllusionary Voidland
Beaten RetreatSalt MarshAncestral Vestiges

Connecting Zones Edit

Zone Level Direction
Doom Bog 60-75 South
Kunlun Mountains 120-135 South
Shura 135-150 North

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