Type: Voyage
Level Obtained: 50

Sunstream Zone

Starting NPC: Dreamland Vendor
Coordinates: Wanders in Sunstream City
Details: A four-sided courtyard. Four strange men. Foolish Animated Soldiers and fierce Underhanded Culprits skulk around. What type of place is this, this place that I have never been to, yet know? Who is she, this girl I have never met, yet feel nostalgic when I see her? Please find this place, as well as the girl the Dreamland Vendor in Sunstream feels nostalgic about.
Objective: Go to Baxi Eatery and talk to Dreamland Vendor Luer
Ending NPC: Dreamland Vendor Luer
Coordinates: 208, 9 Baxi Eatery

Repeatable: yes
Previous Quest:
Next Quest:

Rewards: Goldsettled Bead

Notes: The vendor is not there at all times. If you know the exact times please note here or edit page.Edit


I used recovery waiting for my town portal to get me out of the Baxi Eatery. I alt+tabbed to get some walkthrough info and when I opened the game back up, sure enough she was there inside' 'the Baxi Eatery just hanging out. Time was 19:45, or 7:45 PM (Pacific)

just so u know , she mostly change her location every 15 minutes so if she is not in sunstream she is in the bakery and vice versa.and u can only take the quest in sunstream 12:00-13:00,19:00-20:00 and 22:00-23:00.

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