This is a quest you receive from Tonni in Sunstream. She will give you an item that has a 3-4 hour countdown. In order to use the item, you must find a character of the opposite gender with the same item and talk to the Eldest Matchmaker, also in Sunstream. You will need to party with the other character, with the male character as leader to continue.

The Eldest Matchmakerwill give the party a quest based on the item they share.

If you receive: Then you will need to:
Red Wool Gather 30 vanilla each (vanilla is a grade 1 provision from sunstream map)
Spoony Ring Get the Twin-Flower, which is under the peach tree in Epitph Mountain to the southeast of Sunstream City and give it to your desired girl. 302, -400
Romantic Letter Gives quest to each person to go to Serenity Clearing (up the root of the big tree) to coord (119 -359) to each collect an item. Once you get the pop up window and receive the item, trade it with your partner and return to the Matchmaker.
Lovesick Hankerchief Go to lodge at dark bamboo grove in Jadeon coords( -184 390) to get items, exchange
Violetphenix Hairpin go to crescent peak in Jadeon to get items, exchange
Like-Minded Lock
Loverbird Bracelet go to Jundi Forest in Sunstream coords (-94 161). Get the items, exchange

Windfloating Catkin



After obtaining each item, return to Eldest Matchmakerto complete the quest. As a reward you will receive 40 romance points, 6 violeta stones and sometimes 1 Destiny Stone.

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