The Billows
Level 1-15
Z4 billows load
Central hub Laguna Collective

Overview Edit

Far to the east is The Billows, a land where the sea is covered in mist and the waves relentlessly crash against the shore. Safety can be found in the main city stronghold of the area, the Laguna Collective.
The Billows is an area known for having many powerful and divine herbs. However, they are all guarded by frightening creatures.

Map and subregionsEdit


Billows map

Lunar WellFutan AlterDragon Lord ShrineLaguna Collective
Jauzan HallPavillion of WaveDragon RidgeRockpile Reserve
Surging StockadePatriot MonolithSeamoon Ridge
Abandon CrossingMinnow PoolWindsong PlateauConversation Hall

Connecting Zones Edit

Zone Level Direction
Skysong 30-45 West

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Monsters Edit

Ghostdorn Ogre