How to use Templates Edit

First click the template you want to use. Click edit this page. Copy the code in the editor window. Create a page. In the editor window you will see a section called controls. Click the last icon (looks like a DOS window). Paste the code you copied from the template into the main editor window. Click the DOS box again and you can begin adding your content.

How to create Templates Edit

Creating templates is a simple process and can come in handy for new users to add content to the wiki. In this page click the "Edit this page" link above. In the editor window create a link for the new page in the templates section. To create a link type in the text as follows: Template:my_template_name. Highlight the text and click the third link under Lists and Links above. This will create a link for your new template. Click save page below. Try to refrain from using spaces in your template name. Your new template should now be available on this page. To edit your template click on the link you just created and fire away!

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