Level 1-15
Z1 sunstream load
Central hub Sunstream City
Humanoid Humanoids: 3
Beast Beasts: 2
Insect Insects: 1
Immortal Immortals: 1
Ghost Ghosts: 2

Overview Edit

Nestled between Jadeon and Incense Valley is the peaceful land of Sunstream. Renowned for its beautiful scenery, it is a hub of trading within the realm of Jade Dynasty.
Players will begin their journey through Jade Dynasty in center of this land, Sunstream City. This is where players will receive their first weapon and armor set, as well as first Esper and pet.
Sunstream will also give players their first introduction to the five different factions of the game. No matter what path you choose, Sunstream will always be your home away from home.

Map and subregionsEdit


Sunstream map

Grasstemple VillageGrasstemple RuinsFountainhead HollowsWuhu Post
Zaaras PlatformImmortal's OutlookJundi ForestSunstream City
Righteous ManorSeat of DragonsSunstream West
Sunstream SouthSunstream EastMount KindlingYinsho Cottage
Raindrop PrairieSerenity ClearingEpitaph Mountain

Connecting Zones Edit

Zone Level Direction
Incense Valley 90-105 West
Jadeon 15-30 North

Quests Edit

main article... Sunstream Quests

NPCs Edit

Name [1] Location [2] Coordinates [3] Notes [4]
Astral Prince Abu Sunstream City 103, 89 Has rewards for winning the mini-games
Agent Yungu Chen Sunstream City 97, 68 Sells Incense Mage armor/weapons and honor gear
Akane Sunstream City 98, 83 Part of Romance Quests line
Alliance Master Sunstream City 209, 170 Form Clans/Alliances, gives Alliance quests
Ami Sunstream City 125, 149 Gives fishing-related quests
Athan Battleground Vendor Sunstream City 188, 139 Trades Athan-specific ascended battleground gear
Award Exchanger Sunstream City 183, 89 Turn in coupons for rewards
Award Manager Sunstream City 193, 73 Turn in coupons for rewards
Baner Po Sunstream City 182, 42 Lupin Honor Donation and Rewards
Banker Etsuk Sunstream City 199, 59 Jaden Trade, Lock/Unlock
Bao the Wise Sunstream City 181, 141 Jadeon Honor Donation and Rewards
Battleground Deputy Sunstream City 193, 139 Sign up for battlegrounds
Battleground Vendor Sunstream City 188, 139 Trades Human-specific ascended battleground gear, quests for non-ascended human gear
Beekeeper Sunstream City 113, 51
Blacksmith Shatra Sunstream City 175, 90 Sells level 1-30 Human weapons, repair/demolish
Chansel Sunstream City 208, 139 Modo Honor Donation
Chen Sunstream City 168, 166 Sells foot armor for Blood Coins and Stone Crystals
Clan Coordinator Sunstream City 193, 170 Gives Clan quests for region Glory
Clan Master Sunstream City 197, 170 Creates clans/alliances, gives Clan quests
Cloudstorm Craftsman Sunstream City 194, 166 Creates statue for Fort Cloudstorm
Cloudstorm Herald Sunstream City 110, 63 Begins the Cloudstorm Challenge
Cook Morry Sunstream South -117, -223
Craftsman Tamasi Sunstream City 176, 76 Sells crafting supplies, level 15-45 recipes, trades gems earned from high-level crafting
Coordinator of Stars Sunstream City 114, 62 Turn in Astral Tales event here
Dispatcher Nere Sunstream City 204, 179 Gives random level 1-14 quests
Dragon Envoy Jassie Sunstream City 171, 152 Teleports players to Dragon Mountain
Dream Master Saon Jundi Forest -102, 158
Dreamland Vendor Sunstream City (wanders) Sells Charm recipes
Elder of Mystery Immortal's Outlook 240, 284 Gives Honor Gems as reward for Hall of Excellence titles
Elder's Servant Immortal's Outlook 240, 284 Trades misc. rare crafting items for Honor Gems
Eldest Matchmaker Sunstream City 184, 104 Gives Romance Quests
Enchanter Taja Sunstream City 210, 58 Refines/Imbues gear
Esper Mystic Sheera Sunstream City 186, 66 Esper-related functions, sells Human faction Espers
Faji Sunstream City 181, 154 Skysong Honor Donation and Rewards
Fana Grasstemple Village -371, 417 (is on the roof)
Fardin Sunstream City 97, 42
Fisherman Sunstream City 154, 122
Fisherman Yonnge Lower Sol River -177, -376
Fort Siege Deputy Sunstream City 212, 170 Sign up for Fort Siege
Fort Teleporter Sunstream City 214, 170 Teleport to Fort Cloudstorm
Fulin Immortal's Outlook 251, 282 Trades for Human unascended celestial battleground gear
Guard Dorri Sunstream West 79, 99
Guard Fagnan Sunstream South 146, 22
Guard Farnaz Sunstream West 78, 108
Guard Leta Sunstream South 136, 22
Guard Ramin Sunstream East 230, 107
Guard Suntu Sunstream East 230, 99
Guardian of Flame Sunstream -225, -288 Kills any nearby players with infamy
Guide Plato Sunstream City 175, 154 Gives basic game information
Heshanti Sunstream City 184, 154 Begins Valuable Pills daily event
Horseman Sunstream City 204, 43 Increases Mount speed and adds random attributes to your mount
Illusion Dispatcher Hoi Sunstream City 174, 167 Sign up for Illusion Voidland
Induction Agent Sunstream City 185, 175 Gives you an Induction code, induction related rewards
Iraji Sunstream City 110, 38 Sells Fragrant Rice
Isamu Sunstream City 195, 88 Begins The Precious daily event
Jade Exchange Maiden Sunstream City 216, 95 Festival Dealer - trades items for Sunny Jade and Welkin Red Jade
Jade Exchange Girl Sunstream City 214, 95 Exchanges items for Twilight Jade and Welkin Green Jade, trades Tanis Ka's Charm packs for Celestial Coupons
Jadeon Agent Zitso Sunstream City 101, 68 Sells Jadeon armor/weapons and honor gear
Janon Sunstream City 175, 165 Sells body armor for Blood Coins and Stone Crystals
Jin Parto Sunstream City 187, 52 Makeover Box, Lupin Tier upgrade
Jumbo Sunstream City 211, 68 Sells faction-specific crafting materials
Kouros Grasstemple Village -390, 419
Krystal Sunstream City 189, 111 Only on Realm 15 during designated Krystal Jade event times (12:00, 18:00, 21:00 servertime).
Leowen Sunstream City 175, 136 Collects books from the Book Event
Linseia Sunstream City 153, 142
Lord of Sacred Fire Immortal's Outlook 236, 270 Trades 150 unascended gear and Arcane Bullion for Holyfire Essence
Lupin Agent Mikta Sunstream City 100, 66 Sells Lupin armor/weapons and honor gear
Martial Starlord Yoche Sunstream City 178, 165 Runs the Shura Gauntlet
Master Jun Hou Sunstream City 169, 180 Grants access to Crimson Peaks instance.
Meri Koon Sunstream City 98, 140 Gives quest for level 135 Vim esper
Modo Agent Fenel Sunstream City 103, 68 Sells Modo armor/weapons and honor gear
Mr. Mundor Sunstream City 218, 142 (realm 14) Gives quests to collect Fumes in various zones
Mrs. Poy Yinsho Cottage 8, -201
Negar Sunstream City 91, 140 Vim Honor Donation and rewards
Nura Sunstream City 136, 85 Starts Nura's Gift event, gives Piety gear rewards
Old Leng Sunstream City 125, 45
Parvin Sunstream City 159, 40
Pet Master Ellan Sunstream City 208, 43 Tames and trains pets, trades Pet gear crystals for Stardust and Eera Herbs, quests for free Workshop recipes
Pet Tamer Lonno Sunstream City 117, 92 Trades pet skill jades
Pet Tamer Totto Sunstream City 212, 45 Release and rename pets, vendor of pet-related items, pet-related quests
Physician Swarga Sunstream City 169, 67 Health/Spirit potion vendor, sells pet batteries
Pickax Expert Sunstream -241, 271
Present Merchant Sunstream City 200, 79 Turn in coupons for rewards
Roaming Fisherman Sunstream City 123, 144 Gives Fishing Mastery quest/rewards
Sadaf Sunstream City 178, 181
Samilan Sunstream City 216, 124
Sana Sunstream City 30, -380
Shady Dealer Sunstream City 210, 69 Sells crafting materials, recipes, Chi and other misc items, as well as item for Treasure Raider quest
Shalot Sunstream City 170, 166 Sells head armor for Blood Coins and Stone Crystals
Shepherd Master Wang Grasstemple Ruins -315, 330
Skillsmith Sunstream City 214, 152 Resets skill points
Sky Dweller Sunstream City 166, 104 (look up) Gives Sky Dweller, Sky Lotus, and Treasure Hunt daily quests
Skylord Adra Sunstream City 194, 104 Teleport to other zones
Skysong Agent Hexio Sunstream City 98, 67 Sells Skysong armor/weapons and honor gear
Special Ops Agent Sunstream City 214, 161 Gives quests in exchange for Violeta Stones, Lunar Stones, and Sunbeam Stones
Squire Heon Sunstream City 125, 38
Stashkeep Tamsin Sunstream City 210, 72 Stores items in your stash
Tailor Swaha Sunstream City 164, 75 Sells level 1 to 30 human armor
Tanis Ka Sunstream City 160, 144 Gives buffs and gear players below level 90
Tao Danush Sunstream City 168, 111 Master/Apprentice quests, trades Charm recipes
Territory Agent Evan Sunstream City 176, 179 Handles Territory War things
Tonni Sunstream City 155, 145 Trades Treasure Urns/Bowls for Esper items, also is part of Romance Quests
Transform Vendor Sunstream City 209, 51 Sells Transform Gems
Treasure Raider Sunstream South 151, 11 Turn in Treasure Raider quest
Tree of Wealth Sunstream City 137, 115 Turn in certain items for rare skyblades and mounts
Unknown Scholar Sunstream City 193, 124 Starts Surfing Deity and Deity in the Wind daily events
Vim Agent Loich Sunstream City 102, 65 Sells Vim armor/weapons and honor gear
Voidland Dispatcher Sunstream City 170, 173 Sign up for ascended battleground
Waiter Huu Sunstream South -109, -238
Wanbo Immortal's Outlook 250, 283 Trade Celessence Beads for Human unascended common battleground gear
Wind Fairy Sunstream City 159, 66 Skyblade vendor, once a week quest for a 3-day skyblade
Wool Dealer Kingberry Grasstemple Village -361, 431
Xequi Immortal's Outlook 255, 279 Trade Celessence Beads for Athan unascended celestial battleground gear
Yan Taila Sunstream City 177, 143 Incense Mage Honor Donation
Yass Sunstream City 124, 83
Zawen Sunstream South 51, 14
Zaxin Grasstemple Village -369, 375
Zoale Immortal's Outlook 252, 280 Trade Celessence Beads for Athan unascended common battleground gear

Monsters Edit

Common MonstersEdit

Name: Butterfly Level: 1 Location: Sunstream West, Sunstream South, Sunstream East, Jundi Forest

Name: Mountain Boar Level: 1 Location: Sunstream West, Sunstream South, Sunstream East, Jundi Forest

Name: Plump Toad Level: 4 Location: Yinsho Cottage, Raindrop Prairie, Seat of Dragons, Sunstream South

Name: Wild Wolf Level: 4 Location: Righteous Manor, Raindrop Prairie, Seat of Dragons, Yinsho Cottage, Sunstream South

Name: Brigand Bumpkin Level: 8 Location: Epitaph Mountain, Fountainhead Hollows, Wuhu Post, Raindrop Prairie, Serenity Clearing

Name: Agitated Bandit Level: 8 Location: Wuhu Post, Epitaph Mountain

Name: Blooming Temptress Level: 8 Location: Seat of Dragons, Raindrop Prairie, Serenity Clearing, Epitaph Mountain

Name: Pitan Lotus Level: 8 Location: Seat of Dragons, Raindrop Prairie, Epitaph Mountain

Name: Wandering Wraith Level: 12 Location: Grasstemple Ruins, Grasstemple Village, Zaaras Platform

Name: Moaning Harpy Level: 12 Location: Grasstemple Ruins, Grasstemple Village, Mount Kindling

Name: Zaaras Disciple Level: 12 Location: Zaaras Platform