Level 30-45
Z3 skysong load
Central hub Skysong Temple
Humanoid Humanoids: 4
Avian Avian: 2
Yasho Yasho: 1
Ghost Ghosts: 2

Overview Edit

Atop a mystical mountain rests the Skysong Temple of the Skysong Faction. The temple is a holy ground, with the constant lullaby of mantras floating through the air.
It is a place of learning and healing, and visitors will find there are many lessons to be learned from the Faction members who live there.

Map and subregionsEdit


Skysong map

Temple of AfterglowRealm of GenerosityForest of MaidensWofo Ridge
Pristine WallCliffs of AbundanceSkysong TempleTemple Outskirts
Baxi EateryBlackwind CampPagoda Myriad
Mound of the MinisterAlter of the Foul
Lake HotenBamboo Clearing

Connecting Zones Edit

Zone Level Direction
The Billows Zone 45-60 East
Jadeon Zone 15-30 South
Doom Bog Zone 60-75 West

Quests Edit

Quest Start NPC Coordinates Level
Carrier Pigeon Fazzan -149, -122 45
Earth Flare Chest Mystic Treasure Charm I 30, 21 30
Fire Flare Chest Mystic Treasure Charm I 194, -109 30
Metal Flare Chest Mystic Treasure Charm I -285, 140 30
Mystic Treasure Charm (Skysong) Metaphysician Ami -99, -45 30
Spiritual Progress (level 45 Skysong) Fazzan -149, -122 45
Wood Flare Chest Mystic Treasure Charm I -185, 177 30

NPC's Edit

Name Type Coordinates
Faa ?? 258, 262
Fazzan -149, -122
Howen 393, -159
Metaphysician Ami -99, -45

Monsters Edit

Name Level
Breakbeak Pikeman 30
Ruinous Bruin 30
Underhanded Culprit 34
Animated Soldier 34
Masked Thief 38
Skeletal Archer 38
Bloodcloud Mage 42
Twilight Krah 42
Blood Addict 42