Level 135-150
Z11 shura load
Central hub Seven Mile Cave

Overview Edit

Far to the northeast is the dark and ominous Shura. This land has fallen into great ruin, filled with the spirits and souls of lost warriors, now twisted for evil. Lost travelers can find quick refuge in the crumbling remains of a city, now known as the Floating Path to Hell.
Much of the land is dwarfed by the great Djinn Palace. A bird's eye view will reveal that Shura lies much like the path of life. To one side, the path of hell; to the other side, the path of righteousness. Both will gain access to the palace, but which path you take is up to you.

Map and subregionsEdit


Shura map

Yin Yang TowerDjinn PalaceBlood PoolRipe Cherry
Butterfly TowerEternal BlissTower of OnusBrushfire Path
Cherrywood PathFloating Path of HellPath of the RighteousTemple of the Righteous

Connecting Zones Edit

Zone Level Direction
Wildlands 75-90 South

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Monsters Edit

Celestial Vanguard's i think is what they are called. These are for quests that give you some gold. Like 30g per 10 kill's Or so..

Princes - These creatures are randomly spawned when you Slain a monster. Rewards: Lots of loot + large amount of Xp.