Lvl 15 lupin male

lvl 15 male lupin


Female Lupin

Lvl30 Female Lupin

Lvl 30 Female Lupin

Lvl 45 female Lupin

Lvl 45 Female Lupin

Lvl 60 Female Lupin

Lvl 60 female Lupin

Lvl 75 female Lupin

Lvl 75 female Lupin

Female lupin lvl 90

Lvl 90 female Lupin

Positives and Negatives Edit

  • Damage Dealer
  • Melee Combat
  • Average HP
  • Low Defense
  • High Damage
  • High Critical Rate

Background Edit

Lupin was founded by Lady Gyngling, formerly a powerful Vim lord. She quickly mastered the arts of their sacred tome, the Librus and after learning all she could, the former Vim follower formed Lupin to rival her former masters.

A Lupin follower is important to any pvp team. Their critical hits make them a wanted ally in a fight, however their weak defence makes them vulnerable when outnumbered and surrounded. (For the record, Lupins are not "Giant and tasty cocks" = = Immature brats.)

== Lupin Equips ==
Lvl 15 lupin female

Level 15 female Lupin

Lupin Equipsebs

Skills Edit

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