This is a guide composed of my experience with leveling in Jade Dynasty. Compared to many other MMO's it is very easy.


Class Types

Skysong: Is the healer class of Jade Dynasty that is vital for any party situation.

Lupin: Are an Assassin-type class perfect for pvp players and those who like to PK. Very high crit rate and dmg.

Vim: Overall well rounded class. Mainly tanks but can do high dmg and are suitable for PvP and PvE equally.

Modo: While weak in early levels Modo become vastly powerful at leater levels. Has various forms and does high attack dmg. Can even tank better than Vim if you do it right.

Rayan. Another assassin class but unlike lupin rayan can hide blend in with the shadows fast quick & swift very high crit rate & dmg, they can even clone themselfs which the clone is more powerful than the caster itself making it a GREAT for PvP & PvE equally

Jadeon: The Nuker-type class primarily specializing in AoE skills. Has the lowest amount of hp and defence of all the classes but makes up for its faults with high damage. This is the fastest leveling class in Jade Dynasty.

Below are guides on how to make the perfect build for each faction. Includes pictures. As well as, a detailed explanation of each faction.


Skysong Guide

Lupin PvE/Pvp Guide

Vim Guide

Modo PvP Guide / PvE Guide

Jadeon Guide


Tip on Gaining Cash

What you should do is have extra chars (not your main) & extra bag spaces atleast 96 slots will do, but if you don't than make sure you transfer or stash your items away. geting your bag expanding is easy really goto sunstream trading realm look for players selling them or you can buy them from jade dynasty cash shop by pressing J key on keyboard! now on to the making gold part, there are types of Provisions which are green named reads Grade 2 and so on. lower level the provisions are more gold they be in your piggybank, normaly i go with grade 2 through grade 6 provisions, your telling yourself why do players need em for? they are for leveling up clan skills & clan stuff so clan needs em and most players are to lazy to go out there geting provisions themselfs making more money for you!

can be any faction you want to farm them provisions & dont forget Talismans which sells good to, when ON your *main char* and hit Shura, provisions there are awesome for a STACK of 50 that over 3G something silver each stack onto its own so if you need fast cash farm them get til stacks (50) sell them to NPC's NOT to players like you would with anyother provisions! most provisions ever drop from any monsters are cursed, snowman & Prince the frog (very anoyying x.x) & elite mobs!___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Levels 1-15 Sunstream

You start out in sunstream near Tanis Ka , with a tutorial bubble over your head. It is advised for new players to read all of the text given in the tutorial pop-up. You can however just skip it if you already understand the basics of MMO movement. Next you'll want to get the Lunarshade quest from Tanis Ka. Every 5 hours you get a lunarshade stone which is used to up the energy of your esper. Next you'll want to start grinding. While you grind from 1-15 think about what faction you want to choose. Here is a brief explanation of each faction and links to skill builds with much larger explanations of each faction. Getting a character to level 15 should take an hour at most, but can even be done over night if you make your character meditate.

Levels 15-30 Jadeon

Now that you're level 15, go to Tanis Ka and choose which faction you wish to join. You will then have to do a quest to join the faction, and each faction has a different quest. Once you have finished that quest, you will be upgraded to the faction you chose and can now start inputing your skills and obtaining the correct gear for your faction. Every day Tanis Ka can give you a free set of gear. You can take advantage of this by working on refining it before you hit the lvl of the gear. For example, at level 75 I can obtain the level 90 gear set from Tanis Ka. Until I'm level 90 I can get it everyday one time, and I use refining talismans to try and get a good refine on it, and this costs me zero gold in the process (other than the refining costs). This is a good strategy as many higher lvl gears can cost a lot, so you can save yourself some cash by getting it for free from Tanis Ka. Also you should have obtained the level 15 faction esper and a weapon. Dont worry too much about the grade of the esper and its stats. From levels 1-75 all you need to worry about on your esper is that it allows you to Invigorate, a.k.a AFK Grind. Your espers energy bar needs to be half full, This is where the lunarshade stones come in, to be able to invigorate. Basically this just allows your character attack automatically, and will do so in various ways depending on how you have the options set up.

You also may have noticed the "Gods Gift" quest option available from Tanis Ka. After taking the quest you will complete it. The quest reward recieve is a double exp for 2 hours and two 8 hour stones. The stones you have last 2 hours in your inventory but give you an 8 hour buff. Gods Gift should be obtained everyday. Now head on over to the Jadeon map. In the Jadeon Map, on the bottom left-hand side of the map you'll see the Zaaras Temple. Go there and start grinding. The mobs here may be tough so make sure to stock up on potions before hand. This starts a bit of trial and error, as you may be unsure of how many pots you need. Once you get into a new area check how much DMG the mobs do to you, and you can figure out how many stacks of pots you will need to last the 8-10 hours of power-grinding while you have Gods Gift on. These Mobs can be easy or hard depending on which faction you chose, as not all factions will have the same defence or attack power. I'm a Vim, so these mobs did very little damage to me, so I killed them until I was level 30. Most classes can do the same, and its very, very easy with Gods Gift. But if it runs out or they're too hard, go find some white or pink named mobs and kill those. Thats the general know-how of grinding until level 60.

Levels 30-45 Skysong Temple

This is a fun time, as you should now be at Skysong. Skysong is first zone in which you can do the Astral Tales event, and also Gilhooks as well as several world bosses spawn. At level 30+ you will be able to do the Mystic Treasure Chest quest from the zones Metaphysician. Many of the world bosses are for level 50's, and the Astral Tales is tough early on, but try to do A.T. if you can. Doing the Mystic Treasure Chest is nice because the rewards you obtain from the chests can be sold for good cash in the trading realm, or you can use yourself (I advise you to keep any Treasure Urns or Treasure Bowls, they are very vital for your esper at 75). The same predecure goes for Skysong. The mobs here are harder and you may need to adjust your stratagy a bit when you enter this area. Make sure you get new gear at level 30, and try and get it to +3 or higher quality. Good defense and attack power will make leveling easier, as the more defence you have the less dmg you take : thus the longer you can grind. HP helps but is not as important. so if possible obtain a +5 or higher body or weapon. You may also notice some elites in Skysong. These may be wandering around amongst the other mobs. They are a lot harder because they have a big pile of HP. But they drop special items and lots of loot. Also, you may see a Gilhook, which has a radom chance to spawn in various areas around the map when someone opens a Mystic Treasure Chest. These give lots of exp and loot. look out for them. By now you should have a good understanding of the basic aspects of leveling.


You may have noticed a different thing that I haven't talked about: quests. I have learned that quests are NOT heavily needed to gain levels. This is mainly because you will be fighting harder monsters than those currently available from the dispatcher. Sometimes not, and when that period of time comes around it becoms worth while to stack up on dispatcher quests and to then grind on those mobs. By gaining exp from the mobs and then the bonus from finishing the quest, you will grind a bit faster. Although you cannot be afk for long periods of time when you do this for it to be efficient.

Levels 45-60 The Billows

At level 45 you should begin grinding in The Billows. You may notice that when you're almost to the next Gear Set lvl (which is every 15 lvls) grinding can get alot slower and harder because the mobs you have to kill do much more damage and make you use more hp pots, thus slowing you down. This is alot more prevalent at higher levels. But anyway, at level 45 you are also able to get Spiritual Enlightenment level 2. This allows you to equip the level 45 gear as well as access the Tier 2 skills. You should be prompted with a quest when you hit level 45 which begins your Tier 2 quest. Opon completion you will be able to equip your new gear and use new skills. The Billows is a bit harder, but now we have new gear and it will be a piece of cake in the beginning. Also now the Special Ops NPC in Sunstream (SS for short) will give you a quest every day to kill a cursed monster. From level 45 onward you can do this everyday, as there will be a new one in each zone. This monster is hard when you are level 45, but around level 50 and 55 it becomes easily solo-able, and is very easy with a party. It gives a lot of exp so make sure you do it when you can. Now you've grinded for a good bit and should really start to understand how grinding works, as it is quite simple now: GG, Invigorate all day, do quests if you want, Cursed Monster. Also at 45 you are now able to get a Chi. The Chi goes in your Chi slot and is purchasable from the shady dealer npc in SS (Sunstream). This is vital at 45 because it bosts your hp/sp, eva and def by a lot. It will make grinding much more efficient which is always good. You can purchase a better one every 30 levels. They cost quite a bit though so save up!

Levels 60-75 Doom Bog

level 60 is when grinding shifts. its no longer about the color of the mobs name, but a quest calld "The Sleepless". This quest can be obtained starting at level 60 onto level 150 from the Physician in each town at level 60 you get new gear and you begin grinding in Doom Bog. Doom Bog is a nasty place but has some good mobs in it. The Sleepless are quests where you kill mobs of your own level, white named mobs. The Sleepless usually covers 2 or more different mobs. So this is what you do: Scout out a good spot to grind with a perfect amount of spawns, somwhere that isnt taken already by someone else. Go get Gods Gift if its available, or buy buffs from someone in SS, get the sleepless quests, and proceed to your grind spot and setup to invigorate. The quest makes you kill mobs for 24 hours, and after its done you get a gigantic amount of exp, several millions if you constantly grind over all 24 hours. This is how you will level from now on, focusing on Cursed quest and Sleepless.

Level 75-90 Wildlands

Now you're in Wildlands. a very cool zone, has some nifty mobs. Nothing new here, other than new gear and a new Esper. This is when espers start to matter. The level 75 esper is alot better than the level 15 esper, stat wise and its skill should be much stronger. If possible try and find someone selling a level 1 Divined Quality esper for your faction. If not, then use some of those treasure bowls to obtain Mediums for the level 75 esper. Make sure you get the correct ones as there are certain ones used for each faction. Now go to the Esper Mystic npc and buy trigrams and an item which allows you to bloodsmelt trigrams, a item worth 50s and is the Medium used for trigrams. Now bloodsmelt the trigram until it is Heavenly or Divine quality. Once its there, bloodsmelt it with the new level 75 esper. Do this until your new esper is Divine quality. the reason why you shouldn't bloodsmelt precious quality espers to up the qaulity of your main esper is because it in fact lowers the growth for each stat. Using Heavenly or Divined greatly increases the growth for each stat. make sure you do this at level 1 to take full advantage of leveling it up. Since you cant get a new esper until level 105, level up this one as much as you can. At level 15 mine increases my hp by 700, sp by 500, and each resist by 40-50 and my attack gets a nice bonus. Plus you can use a treasure Urn to get the Tome and Accesory for your esper which ups its skill by 1, so your esper skill will be level 3 and do more dmg and cost you less sp to cast. This will really come in handy for you out later on, and is something you should learn now so you can create a perfect esper at end game as they are very important then. But in general just continue doing Sleeples and Cursed quests. The mobs in the late 80's start hitting really hard, so make sure you have 8 hour buffs all the time when you grind or else you'll Waste your pots.

I'll update this as I increase my level. I hope this helps. My in-game name is Exodine and I reside in The Billows (EST) Server.