Kunlun Mountains
Level 120-135
Z10 kunlun mountains load
Central hub Cold Cloud

Overview Edit

Far to the west, beyond the dangerous Doom Bog, is the snow covered Kunlun Mountains. An ancient mountain range, Kunlun's smaller peaks surround the Mountain Lake, where it is fabled that ancient dragons dwell.
Those looking for a warm cabin and a friendly face should stick to the city of Cold Cloud. It is a lonely land, cold and vast; but it has always been considered a sacred ground.

Map and subregionsEdit

Z10-kunlun mountains

Kunlun Mountains map

Fantasy PeakCold CloudParamount ValleyMount Clearwind
Sunbeam MountainMount QunyuFeeble StreamMount Lake
Locust MountainSpirit GroveMountain of LongingHanging Gardens

Connecting Zones Edit

Zone Level Direction
Wildlands 75-90 North

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