Level 15-30
Z2 jadeon load
Central hub Crystal Hall
Humanoid Humanoids: 1
Beast Beasts: 1
Insect Insects: 1
Yasho Yasho: 4

Overview Edit

Jadeon is the self-named home of the Jadeon faction. Mighty peaks surround the peaceful valley that houses the Crystal Hall, which is the headquarters of the Jadeon followers.
In Jadeon, players can explore Moontop Hollow to see the place where Master Jadeon found the sword Regenesis

Map and subregionsEdit


Jadeon map

Hall of QuietudeDark Bamboo GroveHall of the FounderMount Yonder
Moontop HollowBamboo PeakCrystal HallBlade Manor
Abyssal LandsPeak of WidowsValley of Abandon
Crescent PeakBamboo HeightsTemple of ZaarasLock of Jadeon
Lake HotenBamboo Clearing

Connecting Zones Edit

Zone Level Direction
Sunstream Zone 1-15 South
Skysong Zone 30-45 West

Quests Edit

NPC's Edit

Monsters Edit

Name Level
Ebony Monkey 15
Snoutnose Savage 15
Monkey Phantasm 19
Snoutnose Raider 19
Blade Slave 23
Buzz Pack 23
Swiftedge Spirit 23
Zaaras Spellbinder 27
Snaggletooth Feline 27
Feline Felon 27


Dungeons Edit