Female Initiate

Background Edit

Initiates are the Default "Faction" in Jade Dynasty. All new players start off as Initiates and remain so until they join one of the five other factions. Initiates are a generic class, they have no real strengths or weaknesses gameplay wise and have very few skill and gear options.

Leaving the Initiate "Faction" Edit

When you reach Level 15, you may choose a faction by talking to Tanis Ka and completing the faction quest for your chosen faction. Because of the limited options presented to Initiates in terms of skills and gear, it is advisable to do this as soon as possible.

Skills Edit

Initiates have only four Skills to choose from, they are:

Name Level Maximum rank
Heavy blow Heavy Blow 1 6
Courage Courage 4 6
Vigilance Vigilance 3 7
Heal wounds Heal Wounds 6 6

Skill Advice Edit

With the exception of Vigilance, Initiate skills are generally considred useless and not worth investing skill points in. Bear in mind however, that you will have to invest Eight skill points in Initiate Skills before you can invest in Tier 1 Skills, and one of those investments has to be in Heavy Blow, So the best option is to invest One point in Heavy Blow and Six/Seven points in Vigilance, saving any other points for when you reach Tier 1.

Equips Edit

Initiate Equips