Incense Valley
Level 90-105
Z7 incense valley load
Central hub Hall of Surveys

Overview Edit

South of the land of Sunstream, sits the beautiful Incense Valley. To rest and re-gear, an adventurer can stop at Hall of Surveys. The Hall is a quiet city, with ivy and greenery slowly overtaking the beautiful architecture. The quiet Hall and surrounding areas give way to the dark Soulflame Temple, which sits atop a lake of lava.

Map and subregionsEdit

Z7-incense valley

Incense Valley map

Scattered ShadowsCranecross DikeFishman ShoreHall of Surveys
Soulflame TempleIncense ValleyPhoenix WoodAnshun Boudoir
Prison for the CunningPavillion of ThundersPetalgrave Valley

Connecting Zones Edit

Zone Level Direction
Sunstream 1-15 North
Southern Border 105-120 East


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