Type: Voyage
Level Obtained: 9
Zone: Sunstream Zone

Starting NPC: Tanis Ka - Quest obtained from Mystic Scroll
Coordinates: 160, 144
Details: You'd like to become a fortune teller? Speak to Tanis Ka.
Objective: Speak to Tanis Ka and play a gambling game.
Ending NPC: Tanis Ka
Coordinates: 160, 144

Previous Quest:
Next Quest:


Notes Edit

Tanis Ka: You'd like to become a fortune teller? Player: Yes. Would you be able to tell me how to go about it?
Tanis Ka: Easy. All you need is money and luck. Give me 30 gold. We'll play a game of dice. If your luck is better than mine, I'll acknowledge you as a fortune teller.
Player: 30 Gold? That's it? Sure, why not.

Selecting "30 Gold? No way!" will fail and remove the quest from your quest log. It will also use up the Mystic Scroll. Since he doesn't actually take the 30 Gold, it's safe to continue.

Map Sunstream


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