Factions in Jade Dynasty represent the different classes a player may choose from when creating a new character.

Overview Edit

In Jade Dynasty there are 15 different Factions a player may choose from. Each Faction has different skills and gear and a player's Faction choice has a large impact on their role in-game and in the game's society. A Faction can belong to one of three different groups. These groups are Humans, Athan, and Etherkin.

Human Factions Edit

Note: All human start off as Initiate then at level 15 gain access to their chosen Faction.
Human Factions-0

Human Factions [1]

Athan Factions Edit

Athan Factions

Athan Factions [2]

  • Balo
  • Arden
  • Celan
  • Rayan
  • Forta
  • Voida

Etherkin Factions Edit

  • Psychea
  • Kytos
  • Hydran

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