A pet can evolve at 2 different grade levels 12 & 18. This takes a long time to do, so do not expect to have a evolved pet in a week of playing. You can check a pets grade level by mousing over the pet in the pet "Stats" panel (press "P" then click the "Stats" button).
Pet Stats-grade,growth

Pet Stats, Growth

To increase the grade of the pet, there are three things a player can do:
  • Use the pets skills (slow method)
  • Upgrade its skill growth by obtaining "Free Lunch" pets and leveling these to 30, then releasing - you will receive a training jade to use on your main pet
  • Upgrade its skill growth via celebean trade (fast method)

Upgrading all available stats is the fastest way to get a pet to grade 12 (rather than focusing on one or two, like Health or Evasion). Getting a pet to grade 12 upgrading the same stat is possible, but takes a lot longer to do.

Use the training jades at Pet Master Ellan by removing your pet and using the "Train Pet" option. Each of these will upgrade 1 growth stat. Once each growth stat is at or near 1300, your pet should be grade 12.

Once the pet reaches grade 12, a Blue Mushroom needs to be purchased through Pet Tamer TottoTotto]] in Sunstream. With the Blue Mushroom, go to Pet Master Ellan in Sunstream and train the pet with the Blue Mushroom.

Purchase celebeans and trade them in for excellent jades to train your pet. Remember you have to train all your pets attributes not just one.


The "Free Lunch" pets (Wolf and Toad, obtained via Free Lunch quest from Totto) do not evolve. These are largely used for releasing at level 30 to obtain training jades for your main pet.

Pictures Of Evolved Pets Edit

Courtesy of GM obah


Woody Pig, Grade 12


Woody Pig, Grade 18


Dryadling, Grade 12


Stonus Protector, Grade 12


Stonus Protector, Grade 18


Fairy Diah, Grade 18


Fairy Diah, Grade 12


Dryadling, Grade 18