The Elder of Arcaneness is an NPC within Jade Dynasty.

Overview Edit

Elder of Arcaneness

Elder of Arcaneness

The Elder of Arcaneness is needed for Ascension, and provides numerous other options. He is used to complete the daily quest Sky Lotus. You can trade him your Affinity Beads for affinity and can purchase various items with Arcane Bullion and Arcane Coins.

Sells Edit

Among other items, he sells upgradable rings, Esper Tomes and Accessories, Faction Charms, Clan Upgrade items, and trinket recipes.

Location Edit

Location: Jadeon (4, -433) Note: This NPC is located at the top of the tower at his location.

NPC Text Edit

There's never an end to my work. Maybe you can lend a hand? But I don't think you have enough skill to tackle tasks such as I have.