Tanis Ka quest that lets you pick your class... choose carefully. Before selecting the faction, Tanis Ka will tell you a little about all of the possible factions.

Jadeon Edit

Jadeon is the major faction of Good, so it is strict in recruiting apprentices. Only the talented will be admitted. It is said that Ebony Monkeys at Bamboo Heights are extremely cunning and like to make fools of the passerby. It is a big headache for the Jadeon Disciples. If you can catch some Ebony Monkeys for Enu, he'll allow you to join Jadeon.

Start NPC: Tanis Ka
End NPC: Enu of Jadeon
Relevent Monster: Ebony Monkey
Task: Kill 6 Ebony Monkey

Skysong Edit

Follow Tanis Ka's instructions and apprentice yourself to a master in Skysong

Tanis Ka told you to ask Skysong disciple Faji in Sunstream City how to join Skysong. (requires donation of 5 silver)

Vim Edit

Of all the "Evil" factions in the land, the Vim are considered to be the most powerful. Every member of the Vim wants nothing more than to be the best. Meri Koon is in Sunstream City, recruiting new disciples. If you can destroy the Moaning Harpies near Grasstemple Village, I'm sure that he will let you join the Vim.

Start NPC: Tanis Ka
End NPC: Meri Koon
Relevent monster: Moaning Harpy
Task: Kill 50 Moaning Harpy

Lupin Edit

Lupin uses a strange style that mixes blessings and curses. It is said that all of Lupin's members are handsome or beautiful young talents, and they are always fighting against an organization known as the Banexin Creed. Recently, the Banexin Creed ordered a Wraith Wench to attack Lupin disciples. If you can kill this fearsome monster, which was last seen near the Seat of Dragons to the west, Jin Parto might allow you to join Lupin.

Start NPC: Tanis Ka
End NPC: Jin Parto
Relevent Monster: Wraith Wench
Task: Kill 1 Wraith Wench

Modo Edit

Nothing for Modo!

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