World Bosses Edit

Periodically throughout the day, system announcements appear announcing the arrival of various bosses around the world of Jade Dynasty. Each of these bosses spawn in a particular zone corresponding with the approximate level of party that SHOULD be able to kill the boss. World Bosses drop rare items, such as celestial gear and recipes, talismen of craft, rings and necklaces. Specific bosses drop specific items.

Sunstream Zone Edit

  • Wadsworth - Yinsho Cottage
  • Vicious Bandit - Wuhu Post
  • Zara Elder - Zara Platform
  • Elysium Sentinel - Jadeon Portal
  • Lord Venoma - Righteous Manor
  • Ghost Emissary- Same place as Lord Venoma

Jadeon Zone Edit

  • Tuff Kong - Peak of Widows
  • Zaaras Duchess - Temple of Zaaras

Skysong Zone Edit

  • Oran Goreclaw
  • General Clinks - Realm of Generosity
  • Sanguine Minister
  • Snowland Herald

The Billows Zone Edit

  • Corsair Captain - Surging Stockage
  • Snowland Herald
  • King Rinoback

Doom Bog Zone Edit

  • Gilhook - Wasted Ruins
  • Hive Mother - Ville Hill
  • Felis Berserker - Foxhill Tomb Entrance
  • Snarling Ravager - Foxhill Tomb Entrance

Wildlands Zone Edit

  • Blood Lion
  • Desolation Beast - Blackcloud desert

Incense Valley Zone Edit

Southern Border Zone Edit

Kunlun Zone Edit

Kunlun Slave

Shura Zone Edit

King of Orchids

Cocoon Queen

Lord Earthforce

Master Of Pain


WindFire Chief

Bird of Dystopia

Yin Yang Priest